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Practice Strategies for 2018 and Beyond

Practice Strategies for 2018 and Beyond Sale  •  Merger  • Expansion  • Acquire Competitors The market for buying or selling vein and vascular practices is extremely active right now. But that doesn’t mean every deal is a good one, and formulas for successful sales or purchases are not “one size fits all.” It’s critical to… Read More »

Marketing Starts With Patient Satisfaction

A well-planned customer service initiative, combined with a professional image, not only differentiates your vein practice from your competition, but it sets the tone for the entire patient experience. Due to the increased availability of providers offering treatments for venous disease in most communities across the country, patient satisfaction needs to become a high priority… Read More »

What Is Your Patient Acquisition Cost?

Understanding your practice’s Patient Acquisition Cost (PAC) is crucial for the growth of your vein practice. This single number can guide you through your marketing efforts and help you cut down non-effective marketing costs. Many vein practices fail to consider the PAC metric. Instead, they scramble to acquire more and more patients, oblivious to the… Read More »

Five Largest Medical Practice Collections Mistakes

Mistake #1: Failing to collect at time of service Collecting patient balances — including copays, deductibles, and past-due charges — at the time of service reduces staff time and money spent mailing statements to patients, and it eliminates those small balances from being on your A/R reports. It also increases the likelihood that patients will… Read More »

The Basics of Incident-To Billing

Employing non-physician practitioners (physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, etc.) is an effective way to increase productivity in a physician office. However, under Medicare rules, covered services provided by non-physician practitioners (NPPs) are reimbursed at a reduced rate (85 percent of the fee schedule amount). The “incident-to” billing rules provide an exception, allowing 100… Read More »

Patient Payment Strategies In Today’s Environment

Patients are now responsible for an estimated 35% – 40% of their healthcare bill. Insurance companies and employers purchasing health insurance both accept the premise that higher deductibles and co-pays will lead patients to be more responsible for their health and their healthcare decisions. This change in direction, however, puts more pressure on medical practices… Read More »

Digital Marketing Strategies

Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media Presence? For the most part, social media is a fairly simple way to grow and keep an audience and patients. Done right, regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms can have a huge reach with relatively little effort on your end. But to really… Read More »

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