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How Are Your Referral Relationships?

Published in Vein Magazine Spring of 2011 Whether assessing a varicose vein or an ulcer, giving clinical recommendations, or making it easier for primary care physicians (PCP) to refer to you, relationship marketing is fundamentally about delivering value. It might also mean that your staff needs to spend a lot of time in relationship-building activities… Read More »

Is Your Vein Practice Headed In The Wrong Direction

In the best of all worlds, physicians, whether in solo or group practice, would have the time to solve practice problems before they get big enough to have an impact on over-all performance. However, experience tells us otherwise. Physicians have little time to dedicate to business matters.

Implementing Financial Controls Within Your Vein Practice

Today more than ever, the plea from physicians that I work with around the country is, “Help us manage and/or reduce our overhead!” To maintain their incomes in today’s healthcare environment, physicians have two options: Increase EVLA and Sclerotherapy revenues; or Decrease expenses.

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