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Avoid Fines, Penalties, Recoupment Under Incident-To Services

By David Schmiege Many vein practices insist on using incident-to billing for services rendered by midlevel providers in order to avoid the 15 percent reduction of Medicare’s allowed amount without fully understanding the required guidelines. Incident-to billing brings with it confusion to practice operations, risks and liabilities associated with audits, as well as a hidden… Read More »

Management on Demand

VSA is unique in that we employ experts in just about every aspect of healthcare consulting and practice management. Access to so many resources enables us to help clients increase profits, improve patient and employee satisfaction, and reduce stress for the provider(s) and staff. Our clients include vein practices throughout the United States. Our first… Read More »

Winning Customer Service: Assess — Improve — Maintain

A well-planned customer service initiative, combined with a professional image, not only differentiates your vein practice from your competition, but it sets the tone for the entire patient experience. Due to the increased availability of providers offering treatments for venous disease in most communities across the country, patient satisfaction needs to become a high priority… Read More »

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