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Pursuing A Culture of Excellence

What makes a medical practice exceptionally good at what it does? How does it stand out from the competition and attract top talent? Great clinical care, solid strategic plans, and exceptional employees all make a difference, but what top notch medical practices have that mediocre practices lack is a culture of excellence – beliefs and… Read More »

Relationship Marketing Strategy Errors

I have started to notice more and more marketing firms offering the concept of direct to referral physician marketing programs across the country. I am pleased to see this as it confirms my belief dating back to 1985 that direct marketing was the best return on investment for most medical specialty practices. However, I am… Read More »

What Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you are looking to increase your vein practice’s visibility and generate more patient inquiries, consultations, procedures, etc., then this article should interest you. My experience as the Director of Social Media for VSA’s client base has provided me with a unique insight into effective digital strategies tailored for vein practices. Building a vein practice… Read More »

How Can I perform a check up on my vein practice and create a strategic plan for 2016?

In an increasingly competitive “Vein Care” market, physicians are faced with a multitude of issues threatening their success and viability as a stand alone, independent medical practice. A constantly changing reimbursement structure increasingly impacts the practice of medicine. In order to stay competitive and succeed long-term, physician leadership must take an active, structured approach to… Read More »

How To Rank High on Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, and Others…

Years of administering patient satisfaction surveys for our clients has taught us that patients who like their doctors not only return for additional care and refer others to the practice, but they also give them higher scores. More importantly, they give high survey scores to the doctors they believe like them.  Conversely, patients switch doctors or give… Read More »

What Direction Is Your Medical Practice Headed?

With a typical day packed with new consults, procedures and patient follow ups, it is no surprise that most physicians have little time to focus on the details of running a successful practice. This article will help you look at the big picture and quickly identify signs of trouble. I have spent the better part… Read More »

Paid Search Best Practices for the Vein Industry

It’s been a running theme throughout most of my columns because it’s common amongst our clients – they’re so busy focusing on the practice and patients (and rightly so) that their digital presence often falls by the wayside. This is especially true when it comes to the complex details of digital marketing. Most physicians understand… Read More »

The ABC’s of Digital Marketing

Over the past ten years, a prominent Internet presence has become one of the most effective tools available to medical practices specializing in vein care to get their name in front of consumers seeking a provider for vein care treatments. Not only has digital marketing become an important resource, it has also dramatically changed the… Read More »

What is a Patient’s First Impression of Your Practice?

  By: David Schmiege The #1 reason in business customers stop doing business with a particular establishment is because of an attitude of indifference by employees. Imagine, then, how influential that first contact with a potential patient can be. A less than positive first impression might cause a patient not to schedule an initial consultation… Read More »

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