IAC Vein Center Accreditation

Since 2002, VSA Clients have received a financial benefit of more than fifteen times our fees in documented financial performance improvement!

We have tailored our Vein Center Accreditation Services to assist you through a less stressful accreditation process. From many years of working exclusively with vein practices, VSA’s team has developed a thorough understanding of IAC’s requirements for documentation and quality standards. Our experience allows us to more quickly address the improvements needed in our client’s current processes, policies and standards.

VSA will provide support and IAC application oversight to make sure that all required data for the IAC Vascular in Peripheral Venous Testing and IAC Vein Center Accreditation applications are complete and presented to IAC in a professional manner.


Accreditation Support

VSA accreditation services include the following:

Staff Credentialing & Educational Requirements

Assess current staff credentials

Gather and review CME requirements for each accreditation

Equipment Assessment

Review equipment to ensure compliance standards are met

Facilities Review for Vein Center Accreditation

Ensure facility requirements are met

Analyze Volumes

Vein Procedures

Vascular Testing Volumes

Operational Review of Policies & QA Processes

Review vein center and vascular testing policies, procedures and standards. Supply necessary documentation, if needed;

Review QA processes and meeting minutes. Provide structure for QA meetings.  Provide quality criteria for quality audits;

Vascular Case Reviews

Assist in case selection

Review case to ensure standards are met

Provide feedback to improve standards, if needed

Vein Center Chart Reviews

Review cases and provide strategies for improvement, i.e. chart standardization

Complete IAC documentation manual

Review and organize materials to ensure compliance with requirements

Application Process

Preparation and submittal for each accreditation

Application Follow up

Maintain follow up on applications submitted and address any issues with compliance

Preparation for IAC Site Visit

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